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May it stay that way.....

21 September
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Okay! I made this thing after everyone finally convinced me I needed one. So here it is... I may get more creative later but right now I'm leaving it at this.
80s cartoons, action figures, adult swim, animals, animation, anime, anime weekend atlanta, anything purple, aqua teen hunger force, asian culture, back to the future, benny and joon, big fish, blow, captian hook, card captor sakura, care bears, cartoon network, cartoons, chocolate, christmas, comedy, comic books, conventions, dance dance revolution, dane cook, dave chapelle, daydreaming, ddr, disney, dn angel, dreamcast, drew carry show, dvds, ed wood, edward scissorhands, escaflowne, evangelion, ffvii sucks, final fantasy, final fantasy x, finding nemo, freakazoid, friends, fright, full metal alchemist, gackt, gameboy, gamecube, garfield, gir, gummi bears, halloween, halloween horror nights, happy tree friends, hhn, hide, homestar runner, homestarrunner.com, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, invader zim, invaderzim, j-rock, jack skeleton, jack sparrow, jacon, japan, japanese culture, jay and silent bob, jedi, johnny depp, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kirby, l'arc~en~ciel, lilo and stitch, live action sailor moon, malice mizer, manga, mashimaro, megacon, mitch hedberg, moulin rouge, movies, muppet treasure island, muppets, muse, my dog jazz, new jedi order, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, njoryo, orlando, peter pan, pilot canidate, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pocky, pop rocks, power rangers, ps2, puss in boots, quiet, ranma, rescue rangers, rock, ryan reynolds, saturday night live, sci-fi, secret window, sega, snl, snorks, sonic the hedgehog, space ghost, star wars, strongbad, stuffed animals, super mario brothers, sushi, tarzan, teen titans, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenchi, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, the tick, universal studios, video games, wasabi anime, wcw, willy wonka, wrestling, wuzzles, wwe, x-men, yelling at stupid people, zaxbys